Informative ContentResume is a marketing document. Pin it.

Resume is a marketing document. Pin it.

Resume is a marketing document where you aim to sell your skills, experience, knowledge, and accomplishments, to the prospective consumer through your resume.

This document creates credibility in the eyes of the recruiter.

The resume provides a fair chance to highlight your skills and education, in order to stand out from the rest.

This is a tool which can overlap the gap between you and your employment.

You shouldn’t be ignoring silly and common mistakes while creating a resume.

Never underestimate the power of a well-written resume. 


Listing down some common Resume inaccuracies you need to change at this hour:

→ Choose a summary over objective: Starting your resume with an objective distracts the reader. It is seen as highly outdated and unnecessary with modern resume-writing. Prefer starting with the overall summary of your accomplishments.

→ Adding too much information: The Resume is not a substitution for an interview. By providing needless and redundant details, you’ll end up exceeding the ideal-resume limit. The hiring managers would not wish to read the unrelated and unnecessary context. BE WISE.

→ Having only one resume: The resume needs to be customized per job opportunity. You should tailor your resume every time you reach out to hiring managers. Just put some effort and alter the keywords and phrases. 


These three points should be kept in mind while drafting a resume.


Hope this helps.

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