Industry UpdateReasons why the indian goverment decided to keep an eye over ott platforms

Reasons why the indian goverment decided to keep an eye over ott platforms

Recently, the Indian government took a conservative step and decided to keep an eye over the content being flooded on OTT (over the top) platforms including Netflix, Prime videos and Hotstar.

At this moment, we all have a common question, WHY?

It’s been so long that Indians have access to OTT platforms, then why a sudden indulgent of the government is needed?


We have conducted research to resolve your “WHY”.


Here are some points which forced the Indian government to spy on the content being shown on various OTT platforms.

→ The ministry has been continuously getting complaints regarding the unregulated content viewed by users. In October 2020, the SC issued a notice which delivers a petition to regulate the content on OTT platforms.

→ We’ve witnessed significant growth in digital media platforms. People are swiftly shifting from traditional media channels to digital media platforms. In such a scenario, it becomes necessary for having an appropriate oversight framework which has to be regulated under the eye of responsible authorities.

→ The content is published on television and radio are already being regulated by judicial bodies then why not digital content? It is essential to have some limitations for OTT platforms as well.


These were three major concerns of the Indian government regarding the same.

OTT platforms are getting misused on the daily basis. Many criminals have confessed that they got inspired by the negativity shown in the particular scene.

Hence, it becomes mandatory for the responsible authorities to keep their hands over the wrong things.


What are your thoughts referencing the same?

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