Digital MarketingHow digital marketing can lift your career to the top

How digital marketing can lift your career to the top

Top four career options in digital marketing:

Digital marketing is the future, the pandemic has made us realize.

Honestly, none of us ever thought of how digital can this world can get in just a year.

It actually makes me laugh how it took a pandemic for us to understand the importance of this digitized era.

In today’s ideal scenario, job opportunities in digital marketing are readily available.

2020 has left no option for businesses rather being digital or else, the company will sink.

When all the companies were falling apart, digital marketing got successful in establishing a stronghold in the marketplace during the pandemic.


Listing down top four career options in the field of digital marketing:

→ Digital Marketing Manager. Responsibilities may include leading the digital marketing team and combining different elements to make it efficient. A digital marketing manager should have experience of at least 5 years in order to limit the salary around 20 lacs per annum and it can extend up to 40lacs as the experience increases.

→ Search Engine Optimizer. Responsibilities may include getting pages indexed, user experience optimization, keyword search, using webmaster tools etc. SEO experts are individual contributors and do not manage the company.

→ Social Media Marketer. Responsibilities may include obtaining traffic via social media platforms and gaining website traffic. An average salary social media marketer can expect is around 3 to 4 lac per annum.

→ Content Marketing Manager. Responsibilities may include managing blogs, sales page copywriting, guest blogging, email marketing, ebook publications etc. Required experience to attain the graph of 10 to 15 lacs per annum is 3-5 years.

Hence, these were some top career options to pursue in digital marketing.


Hope this helps.

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