Digital MarketingFacebook Ads Or Google Ads? Who Wins The Race?

Facebook Ads Or Google Ads? Who Wins The Race?

What is the swiftest way to get more number of eyeballs?

The answer is online marketing through Facebook ads and Google ads.

They both are major players when it comes to paid marketing.

Here is the big question mark arrives. Which one is the best?

Honestly, Facebook ads and google ads are incomparable.

Jotting down five objectives to uncomplicate things for you:


→ Awareness: If you want to let people know about your brand and seeking more engagements then, Facebook works best with this category. In promoting your brand’s name and spreading curiosity within your target audience, Facebook tops because your potential customers are present on that platform. Google might not help you with that.

Engagement:  If your target is driving engagements, then Facebook ads are pretty reliable. Because in google ads, you tend to see what you decide to, but Facebook is good with engaging section.

Leads:   Interestingly, lead ads are a considerate option for both, Google and Facebook ads. It allows you to find people who may be interested in your product. Using an instant form, you can collect their contact information. It can be used to identify your potential customers and works well with both the platforms.

Sales:  Undoubtedly, google ads are best for generating sales. People won’t go into Facebook’s search bar and type such as shoes, but on google, it directly takes you to the right place in no time. So, if your field is into sales, walk into google ads.

Promoting events: This sector is quite popular among. Promoting events help get more people into your store for the special sales event. This is pretty similar to the awareness part. For this field, Facebook ads work best.


This was a short and simple description for you to decide as per your business need.

Go ahead with experimenting and get fruitful results.

Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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