Case Study Whitestone Realtor

How smoothly Digitalb intensified the lead generation for Whitestone Realtors through a Ad campaign

By blending Whitestone’s sturdy goals and DigitalB’s exceptional services, the lead generation has seen an exponential and phenomenal growth overall. Balancing the wonderful results and incredible service, Whitestone had a satisfying experience with DigitalB.

As the year 2020 is fleeting, the task of digitization is getting even essential at every turn. Many businesses opt to hand over the work to experienced authorities which uncomplicates the whole scenario. Whitestone Realtors chose to continue with the same procedure and reached out to DigitaB with the clear vision of extended lead generation.

Category Introduction:

The term ‘real’ means a ‘physical property’, Real estate deals with broad aspects which include property, land, buildings, air rights above the grounds and underground rights below the land. Further categorised in multiple strains involving Residential real estate, commercial real estate, Industrial real estate and Land.

The Real estate industry is widely viewed as a heavy workspace and the fact is undeniable. The industry operates on the principle of buying, producing, and selling of various properties. Real estate is a critical driver of economic growth in the US.

Having much deeper sight through the edges proceeding incorporates constructions of new buildings or new home buildings. Real estate agents, buyer’s agent, and seller’s agents are prominent members in the whole industry.

Another critical factor that lands in is investing. Investing majorly functions here with all the real estate’s agents. Stock prices rise and fall with the housing market. Another way is with Real Estate Investment Trusts, called REITs. These are investments in commercial real estate. 

Brand Introduction:

Whitestone Realtors right from the time of its establishment has been synonymous with efficiency, trust and expertise. They have been leading the way with the mission to provide reliable real estate solutions.

This extraordinary firm is committed to consistent quality operations and customer services. It has been their endeavour to foster a culture of continuous advancement while processing consumer requirements. Continuously making conscious efforts to exceed customer prospects in terms of Cost-Effectiveness and service swiftness.

2020 has offered Whitestone to expand and enhance digitally and to avail the chance, the firm reached out to DigtalB with the intention of increasing data and customer base.


Being a real estate company, Whitestone troubled in reaching the craved spot. Reached out to DigitalB with the aim of conquering over the competitors. DigitalB assisted Whitestone throughout by running an ad campaign which curated triumphantly.

DigitalB stood at the edge of perfection by providing extensively positive outcomes. Curating one week’s customized ad-campaign for Facebook. 

With exceptional and smart strategies executed timely by DigitalB, Whitestone Realtors got gratifying experience.

Problem Objective/Statement:

Whitestone has an astonishing background in real estate but in the digital market, things got complex and intricate for the firm. Wishing to enhance their database digitally and extend the lead generation seemed a tricky task. 

DigitalB spun the complicated work into simplified task resulting amazingly. Whitestone seemed terrified before the execution of the campaign but as soon as they came across the outcomes, they were super satisfied and happy.

Getting back on track and managing the things in such a fickle time was definitely not an easy task, DigitalB helped Whitestopne in stabilizing altogether.


In such an unstable period, keeping the consistency line straight has been a problematic task. Whitestone craved to defeat the year with an absolute increased stats. The work expected from Digitalb was to strengthen the leads and stretch out the number of clients while keeping the consistency.

Leads were their main focus. DigitalB excellently understood the requirements in no time and systematically arranged the campaign providing a personalized experience. Whitestone wanted to expand its horizons and DigitalB ended the deal with the strong sigh of satisfaction and achievement.


Curating the campaign with accuracy and veracity been a tough challenge faced by Whitestone Realtors throughout the year until they partnered with DigitalB. Gathering a greater number of digital eye-balls and interacting on the online space, DigitalB assisted Whitestone beautifully and gave fertile outcomes.

It was no less than a challenge for DigitalB to generate the desired number of leads in less time but the implementation and timings were so accurate, crossing the expected number and letting Whitestone succeed with the flying colours.

 Creative Idea/Execution:

Working with perfection, implementing planned and schemed strategies, DigitalB made Whitestone stand out shiningly. Administrating tactics, deeply studying the scenario and executing the whole game plan with a broaden mindset gave magnificent results. 

DigitalB’s crew excellently kept an eye on the lead generation which ended up in resulting tremendously fruit-bearing. Whitestone had fewer terms, DigitalB customized the ad campaign accordingly.


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