Case Study Vijayvant

How Vijayvant Partnered With DigitalB to Establish A Strong Digital Presence

Vijayvant intended to spread its arms over different social platforms and with the execution of exceptional strategies by DigitalB, the intention spun into reality in no time.

Social media has already taken over the internet, especially in 2020. There should not be any doubt in assuming that every business needs a sturdy and powerful social presence to build a strong customer base. Vijayvant understood the lengths and immediately partnered with DigitalB to establish a solid online existence.

Category Introduction

As the need for a physical visit to the shops has reduced, Online Shop has conquered over. Online Shopping is the form of electronic commerce which works effortlessly. Wholly, an online shop builds a direct bridge to buy or sell products/services through the internet using a web browser or a mobile app.

The entire process includes researching and purchasing over the internet. Electronic commerce can be used for both, B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) procedure. 

Virtual stores are tremendously trending across the globe. The pandemic has contributed to getting it to the top. From the safety view, people prefer getting the essentials by not stepping out from their comfy zones. Online stores deliver and assure uncomplicated shopping. 

The digital store serves plenty of perks including the ability to easily compare the rates from a range of merchants, a wide selection of merchandise accessible and so much more.

Brand Introduction:

Vijayvant sports has been serving the community with varieties of product and services for three years. Mr. Devdutt has successfully built a brand which has cornered all the productive edges. Their services have been amazingly well since a couple of years.

At VIJAYVANT™ a huge base of fitness knowledge and experience has been built to help the mass in providing the finest equipment and setting up premium gyms and health clubs. 

In just 3 years VIJAYVANT™ Sports and Fitness has become one of the leading home Sports & fitness equipment aggregators and they offer free next working day delivery on many items. They ensure their patron’s to get the maximum product for the minimum price.


DigitalB implemented smart and sturdy strategies and booked a strong online space for Vijayvant over different social media platforms. Being a social media partner, DigitalB raised the bar astonishingly.

From prioritizing organic growth to stimulating every day’s reach, DigitalB accelerated the engagements to the elevated heights. Vijayvant witnessed a satisfying journey throughout.

DigitalB has also formulated its Facebook and Instagram Lead Generation Ads for their verticals and has successfully given them a 78.92% conversion rate in a 15 days’ campaign. Overall, DigitalB assisted Vijayvant in achieving the desired goal of attaining a greater number of customers.

Problem Objective/Statement:

Been working as a retail shop for three years, Vijayvant sports imprinted a positive stamp behind. 2020, the year of pandemic dropped the sales by a huge number. Understanding the backups, digital marketing was solely the saviour.

Existing on the internet is the most in-demand thing since then. Vijayvant failed in understanding the importance of the online world as they have been working offline for a very long time.

Reached out to DigitalB with the clear intention of getting a profitable online space and saving the business from drowning in the pandemic. To gain dropped sales and get back on track with the help of the online world.


DigitalB knew all the corners to b covered. Being indulged in a retailing business for years, it became arduous for Vijayvant to comprehend the scenario. Reaching out to DigitalB helped in retrieving and restoring the lost profits. 

Aiming to get huge statics seemed hard until DigitalB came into the play. Vijayvant was too much indulged into offline sales and had no time to look into the online things. 

The firm wanted to get a greater number of sales through the online world but because lack of knowledge, it became an intense challenge for Vijayvant to manage it single-handedly.


Being one of the ficklest years, 2020 left businesses bleeding. At a moment, only digitally strong companies/firms inherits the power to succeed with flying colours. Nobody will be wrong in assuming that for any business, it gets super tricky to understand social media’s tactics but surprisingly, super-easier to connect with a marketing agency.

Vijayvant played smart and as soon as they realised the importance of the online world, they reached out to DigitalB and saved the firm from drowning, fortunately. Increasing followers and getting huge reach seemed extremely complex for Vijayvant and definitely was a challenge to be conquered.

Creative Idea/Execution:

Digitalb worked by maintaining the proper accuracy to let Vijayvant accelerate. 

Graphics are so stimulating which leaves people bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Continuous reposting and eye-catchy captions played a major role in increasing engagements. Involvement of appropriate CTA (call-to-action) curated successfully. 

Levelling up the game by executing the right case study of all the hashtags to get fruitful results. Vijayvant’s Instagram account witnessed a roaring growth overall. DigitalB viewed a wider image and ended the deal with immensely satisfying feedback.


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