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How DigitalB upsurged the registrations for Financial Freedom Fraternity (FFF) Conference 2020

With the intent to get maximum number of registrations from Pan India, as well as DigitalB with its marketing abilities, targeted the right audience and upscaled the registrations with the help of an AD campaign. 

2020 has indeed been very disastrous for major of the industries, but the Digital Marketing sector has always been the Godfather to rescue businesses from these unpredictable situations. With a similar intention, SSL Academy approached DigitalB to increase its number of registrations for its Internationally stretched virtual event – FFF Conference. 

Category Introduction:

Financial services are the economic services provided by the finance industry, which comprehends a broad range of businesses that manage money, including credit unions, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, accountancy companies, consumer-finance companies, stock brokerages, investment funds, individual managers, and some government-sponsored enterprises.

Companies usually have two distinct approaches to this new type of business. One approach would be a bank which simply buys an insurance company or an investment bank, keeps the original brands of the acquired firm, and adds the acquisition to its holding company simply to diversify its earnings. 

Outside the U.S. (e.g., Japan), non-financial services companies are permitted within the holding company. In this scenario, each company still looks independent, and has its own customers, etc. 

In the other style, a bank would simply create its own brokerage division or insurance division and attempt to sell those products to its own existing customers, with incentives for combining all things with one company.

Brand Introduction:

Financial Freedom Fraternity (FFF), a brainchild of Kanak Jain of SSL Academy, held its digital conference between July 24 and July 26, which was in association with Economic Times. FFF comprises a group of MFDs who have worked with Kanak Jain and became volatility coaches. The conference also included multiple training and breakout sessions.

Some keynote speakers like Karen Jacobsen (The GPS Girl), Sam Cawthorn (Author and TEDx Speaker) and many more renowned faces from the Finance industry were invited for this international virtual event.


In its recently concluded digital event, Financial Freedom Fraternity (FFF) Conference 2020 gave away rewards to MF distributor associations. These MFD associations were picked based on their influence at the national level, state level, metro cities and non-metro cities.

At the national level, Foundation of Independent Financial Advisor (FIFA) bagged the most influential MFD association award. 

At the state level, Karnataka Association of Mutual Fund Advisors (KAMFA) was awarded as the most influential MFD association. Financial Advisor Association of Rajasthan (FAAR) and Kerala’s Association of Independent Financial Advisors (AIFA) were ranked at the 2nd and 3rd position, respectively

Two MFD associations were recognized at the metro city level as well. While Pune Independent Financial Advisors’ Association (PIFAA) bagged the first spot, Chennai’s Independent Financial Professionals Association (IFPA) grabbed the second spot.

In non-metro cities, Financial Freedom Fraternity Conference 2020 identified three impactful MFD associations. Guntavnuk Pratinidhi Vikas Sanstha (GPVS) of Nashik emerged at the top spot, Indore’s Insurance, and Investment Advisor’s Association (IIAA) bagged the second spot and Independent Consultants and Advisors Association ICAA in rural West Bengal grabbed the third spot. 

Problem statement/Objective:

This international initiative by SSL Academy needed to be stretched overseas as well but due to the lack of Marketing persona the number of registrations never upscaled from 200. The target that SSL had behind their heads was near about to 1000 registrations, but it could not move forward. 


The brief given to the DigitalB team was to draw attention of the target audience in any methodology. Beyond surging the registration numbers, SSL wanted to cover the 3 aspects of Marketing – Pre-Marketing, On-Event Marketing and Post Marketing in the span of 15 days, that can lure more awareness. 


FFF Conference was a paid event and was being conducted during the Covid times, which made it even more tricky as spectators would not prefer disbursement of money during such volatile tough times. Additionally, conducting a 3-step marketing campaign in less than 15 days and rolling in 1000 registrations in this span was way more than riskier and an extraordinary challenge. 

Creative Idea & Execution:  

As part of this campaign, DigitalB made a list of target audiences, Pan India as well as, international based on demographics, region and other key parameters that had a keen interest to attend the FFF event. The team then picked 1 designer, 1 content curator and 1 marketer from its in-house and started to work on this crucial campaign.

DigitalB curated 4 campaigns and structured the same into Pre-Marketing, On-Event Marketing and Post Marketing. Its video team also created some exceptional post marketing videos that are now available on YouTube and other channels. Some of the writers from the DigitalB team, attended the event and constructed some blogs in a journalistic POV that helped the marketer for On-event marketing.


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