Case Study Platino Realtors

How DigitalB assisted Platino Realtors in expanding their customer base

With the structured mindset of Platino and the plotted strategies of DigitalB, it captured the attention of required potential consumers, expanding and enhancing the sales constantly.
2020 has been one of the most erratic years, leaving no field unaffected. Digital Marketing came in the light to save plenty of businesses from the disaster caused by the pandemic. Platino reached out to DigitalB aiming to expand the sales and stretch out to a greater number of targeted consumers through digital marketing.

Category Introduction

The term ‘real’ means a ‘physical property’, Real estate deals with broad aspects which include property, land, buildings, air rights above the grounds and underground rights below the land. Further categorised in multiple strains involving Residential real estate, commercial real estate, Industrial real estate and Land.

The Real estate industry is widely viewed as a heavy workspace and the fact is undeniable. The industry operates on the principle of buying, producing, and selling of various properties. Real estate is a critical driver of economic growth in the US.

Having much deeper sight through the edges proceeding incorporates constructions of new buildings or new home buildings. Real estate agents, buyer’s agent, and seller’s agents are prominent members in the whole industry.

Another critical factor that lands in is investing. Investing majorly functions here with all the real estate’s agents. Stock prices rise and fall with the housing market. Another way is with Real Estate Investment Trusts, called REITs. These are investments in commercial real estate. 

Brand Introduction

Platino, a real estate based industry firm inaugurated in 2018 by Mr. Susheel Warvantikar. With doing extremely well since a couple of years, Platino triumphantly golden stamped its name in the real estate business. 

During mid-2020, Platino sought to conquer the pandemic through digital marketing. With the virtuous intention of targeting leads, Platino partnered with DigitalB. 


Concluding the scenario, Platino wished to effectively enhance the customer base and boost up the sales to the desired static. Reached out to DigitalB with the vision of getting the craved static achieved.

With the inherited power of implementing smart strategies extraordinarily well, DigitalB assisted Platino in accomplishing the milestone.

DigitalB worked as a Social AD analytics partner, wherein we placed their Facebook and Instagram Lead Generation AD. We formalised a 15 days’ campaign with 3 different ADS, through which Platino has successfully closed more than 04 residential deals in Baner, Pune. This entire process was completed in a span of 17 days.

By getting satisfying results, Platino succeeded by a great number.

Problem Objective/statement

Belonging from a real estate industry, it became difficult for Platino to understand digital market strategies. The firm wished to get a good number of consumers with the purpose of obtaining results in such an unstable period. 

2020 made Platino realize how imperative it is to have a powerful and strong space online. They wanted to gain all the lost profits and wished to get more potentials through campaigns which further executed by DigitalB. 


The expected work from DigitalB was to endure the pandemic and raise the static bar to the craved height. To grab the eye-balls of the targeted consumers through the digital market. Implement all the required marketing strategies and help in exploring a good number of clients overseas.

Digitalb helped them in understanding the benefits of the executed online campaign and gave them an overview of expected results. Platino was also scared in investing in the campaign but after DigitalB explained everything in detail, they got pretty excited and positive.


2020 has been capricious throughout especially the mid of 2020, even-fickle. The AD campaign was executed during the most unpredictable phase. At that moment, it was really a challenge to anticipate the conclusion.

 DigitalB showed consistency and committed to getting fruit-bearing outcomes to Platino. It was a super scary challenge for Platino to conquer the difficulties but after reaching out to DigitalB, it turned out to be a great experience.

Succeeding with huge statics and ending the deal with a good and satisfying note is the motto of DigitalB.

Creative Idea/Execution

At the time of execution, DigitalB applied planned schemes and smart strategies. Studying deeply about the potential customers and targeted audience, the team made it look effortless.

Implementing intended strategies, DigitalB moved forward with running six AD campaigns in a row. Curating the summaries after each ad campaign and building a proper report of respective ads. DigitalB thoroughly scrutinized every angle and demonstrated the desired leads within 17 days. Gave impactful assistance to Platino throughout the campaign and provide an overall exceptional experience.


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