Case Study Extra Insights

How DigitalB helped EXTRA! Insights in winning the internet by accelerating their social profiles

A powerful intention of EXTRA! Insights in getting huge statics and implementation of wonderful tactics by DigitalB left no corners for disappointments. Proved to be productive and profitable at the same time.
During the time of the pandemic, Extra Insights imprinted a glitter stamp behind. Continuously delivering relevant information with proper accuracy and accountability. DigitalB helped them in gaining such significant space over the internet.
Category Introduction:

Each one of us craves to know about reality through the unfiltered news. News channels have transformed drastically over a couple of years.  While the biased news with tints of political inclination surface across the media platforms, citizens are forced to stay away from the facts and actuality which exists.

News and information is a widely diverse field which demands authenticity and honesty. Observing the situation, EXTRA! Insights took an oath to continue the traditional news culture and deliver unfiltered news.

As 2020 has been so far, each day, we all have been bombarded by disastrous news around the globe. At some point, each one of us got tired seeing dreadful information everywhere.

Brand Introduction:

Extra Insights in an exceptional news firm which supplies a gold mine of relevant and in-air information. The most amazing thing is the provided information is tackled in a real short and witty way. Instead of throwing tailed paragraphs, they picturise the news which is extremely innovative, and unique. Extra Insights have covered the space over Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Extra Insights took a pledge to make the audience informed with the in-air news. Grasping space over the internet seemed a tough task until digitalB provided full assistance. Spreading the news with a sense of authenticity helped them reach such a beautiful spot.

Tops the list in creating credible and comprehensive news and information from the most trusted publishers and curators. Working constantly with consistency to serve the best out of all.


DigitalB has been working for EXTRA! Insights as a Social Media Marketing Partner, wherein we look after their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Handles. We aim to stand out and grab an immense number of eyeballs each day. By delivering blogs with high-end quality, DigitaB offered great help.

Extra Insights have been doing an extremely amazing service. DigitalB rightly assisted EXTRA! Insights by executing smart strategies. Implementation at perfect timings and optimizing social accounts daily. Engaging the audience and serving the fresh piece of news every day filled with eye-grabbing graphics.

Problem statement/objective:

Social media optimization had been an apparent problem faced by EXTRA! Insights. From providing pure relevancy in the information to delivering it to the potential audience, it gets equally important. In such fickle times, it resulted difficult for the firm to apply exact and accurate tactics. They also troubled with constantly decrement in followers’ rate on Instagram. 

Extra Insights was tied up with the wrong tactics and strategies which apparently affected its growth by a huge static. Entirely focused on hard news and personalizing it through a special sight in West Bengal’s information ended up in getting fewer reach and engagements.


Marketing and strategies go hand in hand. Without accuracy in knowledge, the provided service is of no use. Extra Insights failed in understanding the algorithm of Instagram which is extensively imperative. Its single-focused sight became an enormous problem. \

DigitalB made them understand Instagram’s algorithm which completely runs on a balanced scale. Entertainment and trendy information is equally essential. Moreover, Extra Insights’ most of the followers belonged from the Maharastra region and nearby so constantly putting up West Bengal’s news didn’t work.

DigitalB inherits the power of executing exact algorithms and turns the problem into a solution. Coping up with the desired intention, the implementation gave fruit-bearing results. 


Extra Insights had faced difficultly in gathering the targeted audience. They wanted to expand the reach to serve a large number of people. The firm desired to accelerate with an exceptional number over a variety of social media platforms. 

Its intention was pretty straight but the strategies and tactics executed were entirely wrong. DigitalB helped them throughout and made them comprehend the accurate game plan. To expand the reach and followers’ rate resulted immensely difficult for them. 

Creative Idea and execution:

DigitalB helped Extra Insights in achieving such a great milestone by implementing mastermind strategies. Worked extraordinarily well with managing profiles. Deeply studied the hashtag game to hike the reach and impression rate.

DigitalB also corrected Extra Insights wrong methods and executed additional strategies. Observing each step and taking a whole overview of Extra Insights Instagram profile on daily basis.

Discussing the smallest thing with the clients and letting them understand the benefits of every executed step. DigitalB assisted Extra Insights through the dark and satisfied them with bright results in the ending.


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